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A Guide to Masonic Symbolism

This new book sets out a clear and easy to understand explanation of Masonic symbols primarily for the new Mason and interested general readers, although long serving Masons will find much of interest in this new look at symbols and what they mean. The author looks in detail at the origins and derivations of the symbols used and shows how they got into operative and then speculative Masonry. While concentrating on Craft and Royal Arch symbols, the author also describes the three degrees of Craft Freemasonry and gives reference to the symbols in the Lodge, on the Tracing Board and the officers collar jewels.


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A Guide to Masonic Symbolism

A Guide to Masonic Symbolism offers a profound journey through the rich tapestry of Masonic symbolism, unveiling the hidden meanings behind its iconic emblems and rituals. Perfect for both novices and seasoned Masons, this concise yet comprehensive guide illuminates the symbolic language that has captivated minds for centuries, fostering deeper understanding and appreciation of Freemasonry’s profound teachings.


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